Time Flies

Concealer had been my best friend for the past few weeks! Pimples have been popping out, leaving scars here and there.

Workload definitely increased a WHOLE LOT! At least, I do have great colleagues, seniors and managers which makes working so much more fun!

Weirdly, I cant wait for the night of embarassment this coming Friday, GLEE night! Had been totally exhausted from going for practice right after work, and continue my work right after practice. At least, we had fun.

Anyway, I'm so happy for Ammie who had been accepted into Marina Sands Bay's celebrity restaurant's kitchen! =DD Jess and I are waiting for you to come back, before we can be called the 3 musketeers again! Take care!

God bless =D

Google Map : Version II


I found the best map ever!!


I was at my client's place at SS51, and wanted to know the way back to my office. My super adorable colleague, gave me a few road options, and happily offered her help in drawing me a map, claiming that she's really good at that. And to my amusement, SHE'S REALLY GOOD!

It was so detail that she even drew out the advertisement boards that I'll see along the way, and wordings on those signboards! For the first time ever, I felt so confident following her map, without even a second of hesitation!

And it was exactly how she described!

The malu part is.. SHE'S AN IPOH GIRL!


Just to see you smile =D

Me : =)
Anonymous : Why? =.=


I often wonder..

Why is it SO HARD for some people to just put a small lil smile on their face?!

It took me great courage to put a big smile on my face each time I come face to face with her, but all she did was, turn away! =(

I wasnt the only one experiencing the same issue, most people did.

This isnt the first person I've encountered such situation with, nor I expect this to be the last. Honestly, it's really discouraging. But, isnt it great if everyone has that small lil smile on their face, be it ups or downs, and to also return the smile which people gave it to you?

At least this is what I'm trying to achieve! I dont see how it hurts to do that.


On the opposite side, I got to know this babe of mine from the office, who smiles ALL THE TIME; in the morning, noon and evening; during good times AND bad times! Love her smile and laughter so much! She's one of those who brightens up my day every morning when I go to work lor!

Anyway, Chengy and I spent some lovely time together at Empire Gallery. And as we were about to go home, we decided to check out the price of the world's tallest indoor tube slide. And surprise surprise! They had 50% off (RM6), for that day only!

So excitedly, we embarked on our journey to buy the tickets, and off we go, sliding 5 stories down to the lowest floor. And in less than 10 seconds, there goes our RM6! LOL!

And not forgetting, had dim sum during one of our lunch break at Mandarin Oriental with two of my lovely girls from work! (It had only been a week since we last saw each other, but I miss them lots!) It's not that we were feeling rich, but we were there for a pretty adventurous job, which really kept our adrenaline rushing, and to cut the story short and to respect its confidentiality, everything is being paid for! =D

And from this experience, I dont think I am qualified to go for fine dining lor =( You should just check out the extent of my clumsiness while eating the dim sum! But, to cheer me up, Hooi Leng came up with this theory...


So, anyone care to go for fine dining with me?! Or sponsor me? =p

Till then, back to work for training tomorrow!

God bless!

Dramatic Moments

*Drum rolls*

Mum and I were contemplating between Pavillion and KLCC. And of all days and places, we chose KLCC, since it's been ages since we last went there to shop. So, in just 30 minutes after we parked our car, we witnessed 2 DRAMAS in KLCC itself!

1. As we were about to walk out from some random shop, somewhere near the centre ring, we heard loud shouts by some random man. I looked towards the centre ring, and saw a man running so fast, shouting. Not quite sure who, or what, on earth was he chasing, but at that moment, he caught the attention of the entire crowd.

So happened, there was a security guard nearby, he fastened his pace, then ran, and joined in the chase. The funniest part was, I saw the whole kepo crowd moving after that man who was running! I'm still filled with curiosity as to what just happened there. Wasnt tall enough to witness everything.

2. Mum and I went to the toilet after that. But the first toilet we went in was full. So we've decided to continue walking until we see the next toilet, since there wasnt really a need to let anything off from our bladder XD So, off we go, walking towards Isetan, and we saw a toilet!

While mum and I were queing up, we saw a maid, nagging at someone in the cubicle. Her speech wasnt clear, but all I could hear, and couldnt stop hearing, was the word "darah" a.k.a blood. So, roughly roughly, we knew what the maid was talking about lar! But we didnt know WHO was she talking to. About a minute later, a malay girl, about my age, or older, stomped out from the cubicle, slamped the tap, and stomped out from the toilet, then cried.

Just as I thought everything was over, the girl and her mum came back into the toilet. And this time, her mum was raising her voice SO LOUDLY at the maid, which seemed as if the mum was about to pick a fight with the maid.

And then again, I kept hearing the word "darah" from the girl's mum =.=

Mum and I quickly walked out from the toilet.

So lemme see. Based on what I heard, I THINK that the girl was going into the cubicle, and when she came out, apparently there were some blood stained somewhere. So the maid accused the girl, and wanted the girl to clean it up. Girl got angry, cried, complained to mum, mum stomped back into the toilet, scolded the maid for accusing girl.

So yea, that's all for the dramatic stories. Off to bed now!


The bride and the groom

Time passes so slow during training lor. Besides learning about auditing and accounting, I've come to learnt that...

The machine in my office serves really good teh tarik!!!

And besides adding knowledge, I think I might have gained some weight throughout this whole week of training.

7:30am - Breakfast in the car

10am - Breakfast prepared for trainees

12:30pm - Lunch

3:30pm - Tea prepared for trainees

6pm - Oats Crunch in the car

8pm - Dinner

I cant wait for tomorrow! It's a WEEKEND, and I need SLEEEEEPPP, one of the most precious things in the world, in the past, present and the future!!! People often asked me what I do during the weekends, and all I can say is SLEEP! And they'll just give me that "HOW COULD YOU" stare. Oh well, am too lazy to do anything over the weekends now, other than lying on my bed, wandering off into my own dreamland.

So often I told myself to exercise, but I would ended up choosing sleep over health. Definitely need a boost to start going for a jog, or better still, a SWIM! Miss swimming!

Till then, God bless! =D

More pictures on Tim & Joanne's wedding here!


Spotted this note on my car's windscreen when I was about to go home from my client's office building carpark.

My poor kancil =(

Okla.. They werent discriminating my car, but I was supposed to park at this spot, built specially for small and light cars, which cannot support the weight of any big cars. However, I really hate parking at that particular spot, cos for a manual car like mine, it's so hard to get my car up there!!! Almost mati enjin when I was trying my best to reverse my car up that platform lor.

Anyway, I really dislike KL's driving! I get honked by at least 2 motorbikes everyday, who always think that they are the king of the road ; Cars who just LOVE using their hon, even though they are clearly wrong! How I wish I'm driving a lorry lor! At least that lorry of mine wont get bullied so easily.




As you can see, there was a post written about iPhone 4! Wanted to submit this entry for Nuffnang competition, for the fun of it, but I was so tired and busy last week, that I couldnt complete their requirements =(

P/S : Was busy, not because of work, but other stuffs =D

Anyway, I was at my cousin's wedding rehearsal yesterday, learning how to walk down the aisle as a bridesmaid. I'm really really excited for her, and will have to pester my manager to allow me to leave work ON TIME this whole week, due to some preparations needed before her big day!

Anyway, we had orientation with a whole bunch of Singaporeans at Matrade Convention and Exhibition Hall, with a total of 87 tables, with each table consisting of 6 freshies!

And it's time to introduce my sampat work bunch here! =D

Jing Hui, Hui Ying, Chloe, Rachel, Natalie and I!

Till then, God bless!
It was, then, a special day =D

Cant really blog about the occasion, as I'll be doomed if I do so. But to some of you who are in "the list", which is still growing, HOORAY!

The group came over to my office for dinner, as a small celebration and off we go, to twenty one kitchen and bar.

Buy 1 Free 1 Drinks!
Strawberry Longan. Sounds sweet?! It's as bitter as antibiotics lor! Apparently, the others found it sweet. It was my first cocktail, and I really really hated it. Please let me order mocktail next time!

Jon's super awesome lamb shank!
For every sip of cocktail I take, I had to swallow a small scoop of mashed potatoes -.-

And introducing my all time high school lovies! So surprised that Xue Jieh posed for this one!

Till then, TATA!